Episode 109: Ongoing Projects

Virginia and Nick lament their ongoing house updating projects.

Episode 108: The Ebola Outbreak

Nick and Virginia discuss the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa and what it means for folks on this side of the pond. For those who are curious, here is the Larry Brilliant TED talk about preventing pandemics.

Episode 107: Former FBI Negotiator Gary Noesner

This week we interview Gary Noesner and discuss his book, ”Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator”. Gary spent the majority of his career working for the FBI on cases such as Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidian Standoff, and the Montana Freemen Standoff. Gary explains the importance of coordinating force with negotiations, Nick asks how the FBI measures success in hostage situations. Virginia asks Gary about using Read More...

Episode 106: The 90% Question

**Not Safe for Work** Nick, Virginia, and Leland discuss what would happen if a plague hit the world and killed 90% of the women or 90% of the men.  This podcast starts off academic and quickly becomes a discussion of just how bad things would get in a world ruled by hormones.

Episode 105: Choosing to do Wrong

Nick asks, “When have you chosen to do the wrong thing, and how did it turn out?” Virginia reveals that she’s only a grade-C badass, and Leland and Nick come to the conclusion that the podcast crew is pretty good, on the whole.

Episode 104: Manliness

Nick tells the story about a recent date where the woman asked about his stance on kids.  Virginia wonders if “being a man” isn’t the same thing as “being a good human being.”

Episode 103: Alfie Kohn

Alfie Kohn discusses his new book, “The Myth of the Spoiled Child: Challenging Conventional Wisdom about Children and Parenting“, which is about common parenting myths, specifically whether or not children are spoiled and should be allowed to fail.

Episode 102: Virginia Buys a House

Virginia laments buying a house and discusses how her “small remodel” project grew into a monster.

Episode 100: David Lankes returns (Part 1)

David Lankes, favorite librarian and podcast guest, returns for our 100th episode!  In the first of two parts, David talks to Nick about starting a Maker movement in local libraries.  Virginia asks about academia, and David discusses his experience with MOOCS. Thanks for listening to us for 100 episodes! We look forward to 100 more!

Episode 101: David Lankes returns (Part 2)

David Lankes, favorite librarian and podcast guest, returns for our 100th episode! In the second of two parts, David talks about student loan debt, the future of academia, and areas of knowledge that he hasn’t yet explored. Thanks for listening to us for 100 episodes! We look forward to 100 more!

Episode 99: Festivals, Conferences, and Conventions

The Nerd Absurd crew discusses how awesome it is to attend conferences and why meetings of like-minded folks are the best vacations. Nick discusses his recent pinball machine world record, and Leland talks about the best concert experience he’s ever had.

Episode 98: Common Core

The crew discusses the backlash surrounding “common core,” which is a new technique for teaching math.

Episode 97: Teachers on Reddit

Nick argues that a teacher who posted detailed information about a student on Reddit was being a total jerk.  Leland and Virginia can’t stop laughing at all of the funny things that teacher wrote about.

Episode 96: Open Mic 80’s and 90’s movies

The Nerd Absurd crew does an open mic and talks about 80’s and 90’s movies. Leland discusses his mad cooking skills, and the crew debate who has eaten the most disgusting food. Virginia laments her ongoing renovation project.

Episode 95: Public Shaming

Virginia and Nick talk about how to handle situations where you’ve been embarrassed in front of a large group of people.  As it turns out, no one has an answer to that question.

Episode 94: “IT” the Old People

The crew discusses why older people are so bad at fixing their own computers and comes to a surprisingly insightful conclusion about how people solve problems.

Episode 93: Free to Play Gaming

Leland and Nick discuss the world of free to play games and just how much of a game developers should make free.  Virginia chimes in with her Candy Crush experiences like the hardcore gamer that she is.

Episode 92: Internet Throttling

The Nerd Absurd crew reacts to the Comcast/Netflix deal and what it means for the future of the internet and online entertainment.

Episode 91: Snow Days

The Nerd Absurd crew discusses what makes a perfect snow day and how working a 9-5 job ruins school and work cancelations for everybody.

Episode 90: Criticism

Virginia laments a tough discussion with an attorney, and Nick discusses Joe Rogan’s unique style as a podcaster.

Episode 89: Social Conundrums

In this episode, Nick and Virginia discuss the social dilemmas they’ve run across recently: Virginia wonders whether or not to return the phone call from a colleague who appears to have forgotten an entire conversation, and Nick frets his iPhone’s setting that automatically broadcasts his pictures to everyone in his family.

Episode 88: Virginia turns 30

Virginia discusses what it felt like to turn 30.  Nick gives her a hard time, and Leland makes everyone else feel much younger by comparison.

Episode 87: Lifting the Skirt of Innovation

Nick wonders what will happen when 3D printing becomes more mainstream, and Leland and Virginia talk about the economics of future innovations.  Virginia talks about learning calculus, and Leland talks about when he found out that the military wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Episode 86: Open Mic

On this episode, Katie gets a new phone.  The Nerd Absurd Crew gives her a hard time for allowing the NSA to access all of her information.  Then everyone talks about their experiences with TSA, specifically Nick’s experience in setting off the TSA explosive sensor on accident.  Katie then talks about her experiences in trying to return some money to a server inside of the secure area of the airport.

Episode 85: Bathroom Talk

** Warning** This is a disgusting podcast.  Seriously.  Nick heard some females relatives talking about bathroom etiquette over the holidays, and now he wants to know if any of that was true.  We tell him all the gory details of our bathroom habits.


Episode 84: Electric Cars

Nick and Leland talk to William Petefish, a Tesla owner, about electric cars. http://nerdabsurd.com/wp-content/podcasts/electric_cars.mp3

Episode 83: When Police Knock

In this episode, we discuss what happens when police don’t show up or when they do the wrong thing upon arrival.  The scenarios covered: the New York biker/SUV encounter, a 60-something woman who was killed by police, and a law about calling the police too many times. http://nerdabsurd.com/wp-content/podcasts/when_police_knock.mp3


Episode 82: Shades of Geekiness

In this podcast, the Nerd Absurd crew discusses what distinguishes a “nerd” from a “geek.”  After much discussion, they end up talking about all of the geeky/nerdy things that they like. http://nerdabsurd.com/wp-content/podcasts/shades_of_geekiness.mp3


Episode 81: False Progressives

On this episode of Nerd Absurd, Nick asks about how false progressives impact political decisions in America.  We define false progressives as people who join causes because of the “coolness factor” of the movement.  Then we ask whether or not their voices represent real political will. http://nerdabsurd.com/wp-content/podcasts/False_Progressives.mp3


Episode 80: Open Mic

The Nerd Absurd crew discusses Nick’s old office, finding kittens in the rain, movies that cannot exist in the modern world, leaving Reddit, and leaving reviews on Amazon. http://nerdabsurd.com/wp-content/podcasts/Open_mic_Sept_2013.mp3